York Region - Single Family Homes Insights: November 2023

York, Ontario Residential Real Estate Insights: November 2023

Overview of Residential Property Market Statistics

In the diverse real estate landscape of York, Ontario, November 2023 has brought forth intriguing trends within the residential property sector. Let's delve into the key statistics and gain insights into the market dynamics that shaped the month.

Average Sold Price Trends

  • November 2023: $1,340,000
  • Last Month (October 2023): $1,363,000
  • Two Months Ago (September 2023): $1,390,000
  • Twelve Months Ago (November 2022): $1,350,000

Insight: The residential property market in York has experienced a decline in average sold prices, indicating a potential opportunity for homebuyers.

Number of Sold Listings

  • November 2023: 583
  • Last Month (October 2023): 619
  • Two Months Ago (September 2023): 601
  • Twelve Months Ago (November 2022): 608

Insight: The number of sold residential listings has decreased compared to the previous months, aligning with typical seasonal trends, yet the market remains stable over the past year.

Average Days on Market

  • November 2023: 23 days
  • Last Month (October 2023): 18 days
  • Two Months Ago (September 2023): 18 days
  • Twelve Months Ago (November 2022): 21 days

Insight: The average days on the market have increased from the previous months but remain relatively low, indicating a brisk pace in the residential property market.

Average Sold at Percentage

  • November 2023: 97%
  • Last Month (October 2023): 98%
  • Two Months Ago (September 2023): 99%
  • Twelve Months Ago (November 2022): 98%

Insight: Sellers continue to achieve strong returns, although the market has experienced a slight decrease in the average sold at percentage.

New Listings on the Market

  • November 2023: 1352

Insight: The substantial influx of new listings in November provides potential homebuyers with a diverse range of residential property options, fostering a competitive market.


As we navigate the real estate landscape in York, Ontario, it is evident that the residential property market is dynamic, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Keep a watchful eye on these trends to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of residential real estate.

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